Prejudice? Let's kill it.

Throughout many years, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or Mormons, as many people call them, have been the topic of negative religious conversations. There are myths and rumors about how Mormons can't date until 16, aren't allowed to drink coffee, or see rated R movies.

I, myself, am Mormon. And I know and follow these guidelines.

The biggest topic that is talked about is how Mormons practice polygamy. The church stopped this practice in 1890. The late-president of the church, Gordon B. Hinckley said, 'I wish to state categorically that this church has nothing whatever to do with those practicing polygamy. They are not members of this church.'

Many people protest against Mormons, saying that we aren't, in fact, Christians. If we're not Christians, then why is the name of Christ in the title of our church?

When you judge someone because of their religion, it's like judging someone because of their differences.People are born with judgement and we are all guilty of it. Everyone hears rumors and spreads them, without realization.

Recently, we had the opportunity to listen to Rachel's Challenge. We learned how one girl felt she could change the world through kindness. No matter what religion or hair color.

Rachel believed that no one knew how far a little kindness could go. Many people's lives were affected by that assembly. Kids all over the school accepted her challenge and continue to live it.

The way people judge us really affects us.What people don't know about Mormons is that they are nice and they don't bite people's heads off telling them that they are sinners for going to a different church.

We help everywhere we can. We are just like you. We follow our guidelines to our church just the same as you.

Sure, there are differences, but there are more similarities than differences.

Nicki Shumacher is a Scappoose High School student in Scott Deckelmann's journalism class.

STUDENT VOICE is a new editorial feature that showcases a Scappoose High School student's opinions on topics of his or her choice. The participating students are on staff at the high school's student newspaper, The Candle, or are students in Scott Deckelmann's journalism class.

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