Chipotle Mexican Grill's CEO Monty Moran's pressure on the Schumers of the Senate because they've forced him to fire his illegal hires is telling in its shamelessness. (WSJ, Dec. 19) He believes he's entitled to build his business model on slave labor provided by illegal immigrants. He didn't need to.

Schumer's caucus would be good to look at In and Out, a California fastfood chain. One of the top-rated chains nationally, they strictly hire legal workers and pay many of their employees upwards of $14 per hour. I know. I've asked at many different locations from Los Angeles to Redding.

I'd suggest one of the reasons you will find In and Out always busy (often cars lined up eight deep until after 11 p.m.) is that the parents, neighbors and friends of their employees know that the integrity and care of the owners in their hiring practices carries over to their cleanliness, cooking, freshness, and refrigeration in the delivery of their product.

The Monty Morans of the restaurant business would do well to study In and Out's business model.

- Wayne Mayo, Scappoose

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