A message to our community


The Reynolds School Board is immensely proud of the great things that are being accomplished on a daily basis by our dedicated, hard-working staff and our inspiring and talented students. The board is committed to providing all students in our district a quality education, while being responsible stewards of the district's limited resources.

While neighboring school districts are cutting school days or laying off staff, Reynolds is fortunate to have a reserve balance that will allow us to avoid these reductions. However, even in the best-case scenario, we estimate that these reserves will be exhausted within three years, forcing us to make deeper cuts that would be harmful to our students and community in further loss of jobs and student learning opportunities. Knowing this, the board is committed to making these funds stretch as long as possible. Any additions to our budget, including additional salary or benefit increases for our employees, would come from our reserves, so we must weigh these against the future impact on our district.

Six key values will guide our decisions in developing next year's budget and in negotiating reasonable and sustainable salary and benefit agreements with our district employee unions:

• Our students and their academic achievement are our top priorities.

• We will work to preserve every classroom teaching job and the staff positions that are vital to student learning.

• We will preserve class size and student learning time, including length of the school day and year.

• We will strongly resist reduction of critical programs such as counseling, music, physical education and athletics.

• We will maintain and preserve the public's assets - our school buildings and facilities - to the best of our abilities.

• We will find the resources to invest in much-needed technology and up-to-date learning materials so our students are prepared for the world and modern workplace.

Living within our means is tough because there is so much more we know we should do for our students. Still, the future will be even bleaker without financial stability. We hope our staff and community share these values, and are optimistic that together we'll reach an agreement that enables us to continue preparing every student for a productive life.

Reynolds School Board Members