Letters to the Editor for Dec. 24


Don't take Christmas from us

Seems like today more than any other time individuals and groups are trying to take God out of our lives. If one individual is offended by a nativity or any other Christian symbol, (crosses in military graveyards, ten commandments at courthouses, no prayer at school ball games, etc.) all they need to do is say it offends them, hire an attorney and go to court to deprive the rest of us of our rights. Their aim is to make this a secular country. The problem is, we are sitting back and letting them get away with this.

Amie Griggs' letter 'Please don't take away my 'Merry Christmas' ' (in The Outlook on Saturday, Dec. 17) really said what I couldn't find the appropriate words to express, and she did it so well. Her statement that 'If you do not like Christmas or the spirit of Christmas, don't take it out on those of us who do love the season. We will respect your views, but please don't take away ours. Respect goes both ways.' Totally agree. Merry Christmas, Amie.

Louis H. Bowerman