Stafford third-grader's comics, moxy get him noticed
by: VERN UYETAKE Kyle McCrone, a third-grader at Stafford Primary School, captures his love of humor in cartoons.

Most 8-year-old boys have similar senses of humor - bathrooms, bodily functions, school debacles - it's all hilarious. But capturing that humor on paper can be a bit more difficult at that age.

Not for Kyle McCrone, a third-grader at Stafford Primary School. He's a kid with a quick wit and some initiative.

This month an envelope came to the West Linn Tiding's office. It was sealed tight with layers of tape and obviously addressed by a child's hand. Soon there was giggling in one cubicle; then it quickly spread.

McCrone had sent us some of his cartoons and a letter asking us to print them in the newspaper.

The submitted cartoons made the rounds in the office, and we all agreed, they had to be shared with the rest of you.

McCrone said he was inspired to start writing and drawing comic strips by the popular book 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' by Jeff Kinney, which is a must-have for all 8-year-old boys.

McCrone does most of his sketching during drawing time in Tami Brester's class at Stafford Primary. McCrone said the students can draw quietly while the teacher reads to them.

Known for being a funny one, McCrone said he just tries to brainstorm ideas for his comics, which feature a 5-year-old who isn't very smart.

'I think of something funny to write,' he said.

McCrone must think a lot of things are funny, as he has a folder filled with his doodles.

In one strip, his character wants to start a cable TV show, but is shot down by the faceless execs in a large building. In another, the character curses the city sewer system when he falls into the toilet and gets sucked into the sewer. (We warned you about the potty humor.)

By a stroke of genius, McCrone was inspired to send some of his comic strips to the local paper. His dad agreed.

'I thought it would just be fun to have my comics in the paper,' McCrone said.

McCrone's sister, Syndey, 6, said she likes her big brother's work.

'I copy some of his stuff. I think they're funny,' she said.

But McCrone is not all jokes. In school he loves reading, science and music.

But will you be reading him in the Sunday comics years from now? Probably not. McCrone has bigger dreams. He wants to become a pilot, like his dad and his grandfather.

'I might make them on the side,' he offered.

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