FITNESS - Mt. Hood Athletic Club offers free running group on Saturday mornings
by: file photo Barlow's Jackson Haselnus closes in on the finish line during a cross country race in the fall.

Finding the motivation to keep up a running routine during the bitter winter months can be difficult, but here are some basic tips to keep you in shape while others are hibernating.

The biggest obstacle to pounding the pavement this time of year is finding the courage to brave the cold temperatures. The easiest solution to staying warm is to layer together a running outfit with a long-sleeve shirt, a lightweight running jacket, gloves, a hat and jogging pants. Once your body is moving it will create heat.

'If you don't run when it's not nice, we wouldn't be doing much running,' Sandy track coach Anouxa Vixathep said. 'So we gear up for it and put on layers. Running together as a group, beats running by yourself on a treadmill any day. The ears and hands are the parts that are hardest to keep warm, so you'll want a hat and gloves.'

Look for the full story in the Dec. 28 edition of The Outlook and Sandy Post.

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