Education foundation grants fund projects


Thirteen local public schools were awarded more than $10,000 in 16 classroom innovation grants from the North Clackamas Education Foundation.

'Grant-funded projects are some of the most creative, innovative learning opportunities in our classrooms,' said district grant consultant Leslie Robinette. 'In these difficult budget times, classroom grants help us continue to provide exciting, hands-on learning experiences that students will remember long after the project is complete.'

Grants funded include:

• Elimane Mbengue - Engineering Design: Building and Programming a Robot, Cascade Heights Public Charter School, $850. A Lego robotics program will be launched to strengthen the science and technology curriculum for students in third to eighth grade.

• Jodi Lee - Science for All! Verne Duncan Elementary School, $1,000. As a way to engage young students in science, Duncan Elementary proposes to set up a permanent science room where students can engage in in-depth studies of science principles.

• Bridget Miller - Energy, Engineering and Skype, Linwood Elementary School, $997. Miller will work with a teaching partner in Illinois, Skyping science lessons from her class in Oregon to the teaching partner's class in Illinois. The focus of these lessons will be green energy and engineering.

• Jim Schlauch - Building Bridges/Building Teams, Milwaukie Elementary School, $319.60. Student teams work collaboratively constructing geometric shapes and, later, bridges from high-quality, reusable, interconnecting part kits. Direct applications of geometry curriculum connect model bridge building with core math content.

• Karen Morgan - Mt. Scott Elementary Chess Club, $350. Funding will support an after school chess club open to any student in grades three through five, and would be held one hour after school per week.

• Wendi Branstetter - Sunnyside Family Reading Night Book Give Away, $550. Families come together to celebrate community and the joy of reading. A brand new book will be provided to each student attending Family Reading Night. The program will encourage students to read at home and share the joy of books with their families.

• Marilyn Rogers - A Shout Out to Sunnyside, $470. Working with the Right Brain Initiative Program, the students will be completing a photography and poem writing project with Artist in Residence Julie Keefe. The focus of this project is what each student at Sunnyside finds important to them. This will culminate in the publication of a hardbound book for each classroom and made available for check out from the library.

• John Gorman - Language Development Lab, Lot Whitcomb Elementary School, $1,000. Whitcomb's Language Development Lab will provide books and instructional tools for literacy in English language development. The grant will allow the purchase of children's literature of ELD specialists to use in teaching grammatical structures and teaching tools for ELD staff to add multisensory elements.

• Rick Bures - Rockets Rock, Alder Creek Middle School, $700. The grant will provide an opportunity for students to design, build and fly a model rocket.

• Theresa Taylor - Illustrating Community Culture, Rock Creek Middle School, $453. Students will create large banners to explore and illustrate themes of community and inclusiveness.

• Patrick Shaw - Building an Electricity Bridge Between Buildings. Rock Creek and Rowe middle schools, Sabin-Schellenberg Center, $535. The grant will be used to purchase introductory electricity kits for students taking technology and industrial arts classes at both Rowe and Rock Creek middle schools. The grant will support articulation between Sabin-Schellenberg Center and two middle schools.

• Jeff Young - Kellogg Creek Water Quality Data Collection, Rowe MS, $500. The grant will be used to purchase the tools needed for students to do hands on data collection on Kellogg Creek, an urban creek on the school property.

• Kirstan Fengler - Biodiesel Production: Corn Fields to Fuel, New Urban HS, $786. Classes have been conducting the biodiesel integrated project for three years. This project uses a relevant topic to directly instruct the students on the science concepts of conservation of mass, chemical energy conversion to mechanical energy and critical analysis of experimental and research data.

• Anna Scarpino - You've Been Played, New Urban HS, $250. Students will be exploring philosophy, drama, theater, persuasion and the authorship controversy that surrounds Shakespeare's work to answer major questions regarding this topic.

• Sherry Cornell - Video Modeling, Sabin-Schellenberg Center, $357.52. Grant funds will be used to purchase a camcorder and extra flash memory card to use for video modeling instruction. Modeling is an established treatment for instructing students with autism.

• Phil Phan - Creativity through Cultures, Wichita Center for Family and Community, $915. This pilot project develops culture-based creativity through a 12-week art class that brings together teens and parents from diverse cultures. Vietnamese families are one target audience as surveys show strong interest. An artist in residence will help participants complete a culture triptych, a monochromatic collograph print, and a trash to treasure project.