I always read with great entertainment the letters and Citizen's Views from resident Bob Thomas.

I say entertainment because that is all the value they provide.

I don't know Mr. Thomas, but I can tell you that the depiction by another West Linn resident recently in this paper that described him as someone who is regarded as a general nay-sayer is an accurate depiction of his reputation in West Linn.

This is one of the reasons why: His Citizen's View printed in the Dec. 15 Tidings titled 'We need more councilors like Cummings.' I started to read it to find out what is so great about councilor Cummings.

After the first two paragraphs it became obvious what the real intent of the article was. It was definitely not about Cummings, but three columns to rail against former city manager and former councilor Scott Burgess.


As Thomas himself states in the attack on Burgess disguised as a pro-Cummings article, Burgess was city manager under Mayor Thorn, and hasn't been councilor since end of 2010. I don't know who Mayor Thorn was, don't know Burgess, and still don't know anything about councilor Cummings. All I know is that Bob Thomas has a very big dislike of someone that isn't even in the game here anymore, but still feels the need to publicly attack him.

'I considered that Scott Burgess was the absolute worst…'. Why bring him and his past record up at all? Obviously the intent here wasted. … If he really wanted to praise and endorse Cummings, he would not have wasted three columns raging against someone who isn't even around (politically) anymore, but would have spent the space telling us why Cummings is so great.

Obviously your opinion of Scott Burgess was not shared by the rest of West Linn, as you yourself state, his 'going away' party 'packed city hall.'

If he wasn't widely respected for the job he did, he would not have had a 'packed city hall' going-away party. The food is just not that good at these type of events to draw a large crowd … if they don't like and respect the person it is being held for. So apparently, you are in the minority in your opinion of Scott Burgess.

Since he is a 'former,' I'm not going to waste any more time on the subject. I suggest you get over it too. If you want to be taken seriously, then tell us the positive things about the people you admire, and stop the negative bashing of the people you don't - especially the ones who are no longer in the game.

Rebecca Horn is a West Linn resident.

(Editor's note: Bob Thomas did not write the headline that ran with his article.)

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