by: Submitted photo Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

Dr. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward was selected last week to replace Suzanne Bonamici in the Oregon Senate.

The Oregon secretary of state's office set a joint meeting Dec. 21 between the Washington County and Multnomah County board of commissioners to fill the District 17 seat that has been vacant since Nov. 21 after Bonamici earned the Democratic nomination for the 1st Congressional District.

During last week's joint session at Portland Community College's Rock Creek campus, county commissioners considered three nominees, Steiner Hayward, Chris Harker and Paul Terdal, whom the Democratic central committees from the two counties selected.

Steiner Hayward will be installed as the next state Senator in January. The 2011 Legislative Session begins Feb. 1.

'As a family physician and a mother of three, I am excited to bring my perspective and expertise to the Oregon Senate,' she said. 'We need to jump start Oregon's economy and that begins with Multnomah and Washington county.

'We also must focus on reducing class sizes in our public schools, and crafting a health care system that grants everyone in Oregon access to high quality, affordable care.'

District 17 includes parts of both Washington and Multnomah counties. Under the new redistricting plan set to go into effect in 2012, the district will shrink, shedding most of the rural areas in the northern parts of both counties it currently includes.

Steiner Hayward is a family physician at Oregon Health and Science University and lives in unincorporated Multnomah County with her husband Michael, mother-in-law and her two younger daughters.

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