Here's hoping for better days in 2012


After a year that saw a limping regional economy, we hope good things are ahead in 2012.

Here are a few things we'd like to see happen in the coming year:

  • For the Beaverton School District: We hope the community participates in your budgeting process by offering input in your online survey, attending meetings and standing up for valuable programs. We also encourage district officials to listen to their professional educators when making their difficult budgeting decisions. The district should also reach out to more community partners in the New Year to garner support for schools and push the Legislature to come up with real solutions to fund public education.

  • For the business community: We hope your business booms and consumers choose to shop local and take advantage of your services. We encourage you to network, weigh in on community building initiatives and boost your community involvement efforts.

  • For the Beaverton Police Department: We encourage you to continue building your victims' assistance program and enhance community-policing efforts. We hope this year sees crime rates reach an all-time low. We hope you also get some real solutions for meeting the working space needs of your law enforcement team.

  • For Mayor Dennis Doyle: We want to see more movement on achieving visioning initiatives. We applaud the work that has been done to support business and help rejuvenate downtown, but there is still a great deal of work to be done.

  • For Metro President Tom Hughes: Prove that Metro can actually help solve serious problems by proposing some form of regional infrastructure financing assistance, perhaps in cooperation with the Community Investment Initiative that is studying the issue. Even if the proposal is not ultimately successful, you can show Metro is willing to take a chance by not merely offering voters uncontroversial Oregon Zoo and natural area ballot measures.

  • For Democratic 1st Congressional District candidate Suzanne Bonamici: Name a controversial Republican proposal you support to prove you are not merely a rubber stamp for Democratic Party special interest groups, like public employee unions and environmental groups.

  • For Republican 1st Congressional District candidate Rob Cornilles: Name a controversial Democratic proposal you support to prove you are not merely a rubber stamp for Republic Party special interest groups, like Wall Street bankers and oil companies.

  • For the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District: We look forward to seeing more park bond projects take shape, facility improvements and enhanced trail connections for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • For Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue: We hope to see construction of your fire stations move forward to allow your crews to continue their excellent service to our community.

  • For all residents: Enough winter and spring sunshine to provide something close to the Vitamin D we need to stay healthy and in good spirits.