Shuffleboard club makes contribution to Discovery Shop in Tigard
by: Barbara Sherman BIG BUCKS FROM SMALL CLUB — Discovery Shop Board President Judy Wolverton (left) gratefully accepts a check from King City Shuffleboard Club Treasurer Beverly Speck and President Verna Wyatt.

Discovery Shops around the country turn donated clothes into cash for cancer research, and local residents are lucky to have one of them right in the Willowbrook Center at the intersection of Pacific Highway and Durham Road.

Discovery Shops operate as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, and the upscale clothes they sell make a major contribution to the ACS, but people can help the cause even if they don't purchase clothes, jewelry, small household items, dolls and other items - Discovery Shops are happy to accept donations.

Recently, the King City Shuffleboard Club board decided to make a large donation to the Tigard Discovery Shop, and club President Verna Wyatt and Treasurer Beverly Speck came to the local store with a check.

Wyatt and Speck presented a check for $500 to Discovery Shop Board President Judy Wolverton; according to the women, the money was raised from the club's bake sale at the annual King City Christmas bazaar; the club also has held garage sales to raise money.

"All of us have been touched by cancer or know someone who has," Speck said. "So we decided to make the donation to the Discovery Shop. We usually make donations 'in memory of' but this is such a good cause."

It turns out the Discovery Shop and the shuffleboard club have a long history together.

The shuffleboard club was formed by Helen Snyder in 1971, and at first the courts included five lanes where the lawn bowling green is now located. When the lawn bowlers needed the space, the shuffleboard club was moved to the three courts it still occupies.

"To get the club going, Helen had garage sales, teas and fashion shows which the Discovery Shop put on," Wyatt said. "With the raffle tickets sold, (Helen) made enough to pay for half the roof, and the KCCA paid the rest.

"Now it was time to get power to the courts so they could have heat in the winter and fans in the summer. So Helen again had garage sales."

The shuffleboard club meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:30 to 3 p.m.

The game is played with four players on each of the three courts with disks and six-foot cues.

The idea of the game is for players to score points by getting their disks on numbered sections of the court and to knock off the opponents' disks; everyone wants to "stay out of the kitchen" as they lose 10 points.

"It is a lot of fun and only costs $10 a year," Wyatt said. "Everyone is welcome."

For more information about this Discovery Shop, call 503-684-9060.

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