After a year when East County survived labor strife that didn't quite fall off the cliff into a strike, a cold summer that limited the growing season and a slow economy, we hope better days are ahead in 2012. Here are a few things we'd like to see happen in the coming year.

• For local mayors: An ability to work together for the common good of the region, even if it means compromising on a plan for an East Metro Connector - a road linking Interstate 84 with Highway 26.

• For the East County Courthouse: Create a community hub for Rockwood.

• For East County schools: Fair labor agreements that don't ignore the economic reality.

• For local military members and their families: A smooth transition home for those returning from Iraq.

• For local businesses: A booming start to the new year.

• For Troutdale: A fair resolution to Mayor Jim Kight's accessory building controversy.

• For local Duck fans: A win in the Rose Bowl.

• For transportation peace: Good manners and law-abiding drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians.

• For skiers: A good snowfall that stays in the mountains.

• For lawmakers: Get something done in your yearly sessions.

• For the Occupy movement: To quote Lennon and McCartney, 'We'd all love to see the plan.'

• For Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen: Negotiate a once-in-a-career compromise with library supporters on the funding issue.

• For Metro President Tom Hughes: Prove that Metro can actually help solve serious problems by proposing some form of regional infrastructure financing assistance, perhaps in cooperation with the Community Investment Initiative that is studying the issue. Even if the proposal is not ultimately successful, you can show Metro is willing to take a chance by not merely offering voters uncontroversial Oregon Zoo and natural area ballot measures.

• For area baseball fans: A team. Any team. Maybe even a new stadium in Milwaukie.

• For Democratic 1st Congressional District candidate Suzanne Bonamici: Name a controversial Republican proposal you support to prove you are not merely a rubber stamp for Democratic Party special-interest groups.

• For Republican 1st Congressional District candidate Rob Cornilles: Name a controversial Democratic proposal you support to prove you are not merely a rubber stamp for Republican Party special-interest groups.

• For Water Commissioner Randy Leonard: Sell enough Portland Loos at a profit to pay back the cost of all his other pet projects.

• For Mayor Sam Adams: Do not legally commit Portland to any other expensive projects during your final year in office. Let your successor decide whether the city can afford the Lake Oswego streetcar extension, other Portland streetcar lines, a Portland-to-Sherwood transit line or any of the projects - however worthwhile - envisioned in the coming Portland Plan.

• For Parks and Housing Commissioner Nick Fish: Stop waiting for the Portland schools and everyone else to decide when they're going to place funding measures on the ballot and show us your proposals for financing city parks and more affordable housing projects.

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