Providing supplies for your outdoor projects

Kelly and Melissa Case recently took over ownership of Prineville Rentals and Prineville Landscaping
Kelly Case might depend on rolling wheels (his wheelchair) to get around, but he can do whatever needs to be done, and he has what it takes to be successful in business and in life. He doesn’t give up.
   Kelly and his wife Melissa Case have very recently taken on not just one, but two new businesses in town, purchasing Prineville Rentals and Prineville Landscaping Materials from their previous owner, Tim Carter.
   Kelly has worked for Les Schwab for 22 years; his wife is branch manager for Columbia State Bank in Redmond. Case left Les Schwab because he wanted to try other things, but did not want to go anywhere else but Prineville. It took some time to find the right place, but since he has, he loves it.
   Case said, “I definitely have no intentions of getting rid of any employees. Our community is so unique in that way, it …really sticks together and does that very, very well. And so while I would love to employ some more people, I definitely do not want to put anybody out of work here.”
   “I am going to do some reorganization, some marketing things.” Case said. “My background is in retail, so I plan to build some displays and things like that, but as for the current business, I don’t plan any changes right away.”
   Case plans business as usual. “This is a great little business and conveniently located. I just want to stay in our community and I have wanted a business where I can employ people and keep some business here in Prineville,” Case explained. “We’ve got some great people who work here and really know their stuff, so no sense messing with something that isn’t broken. This is going to be fun.”
   “I love being outdoors,” Case said. “I was white once, …now I’ve got a tan and I feel good, I’m outside doing stuff all day long. I enjoy doing things with my hands. I’ve always enjoyed machines and mechanical things, so that part is fun. The plant side of it, well I am learning, but as I’ve said, we’ve got some great people who work here.”
   The first business, Prineville Rentals, deals with mechanical things, something that Case is deeply familiar with. He owns a 160-acre ranch north of Prineville where he and his father Tom Case do all of their own haying and ranch work together. Case is capable of operating the largest of haying machines himself and loves life on the ranch.
   Case says he has a little bit of everything for rent. He’s got rototillers, lawn thatchers, pluggers, mowers, weed eaters, chain saws and anything like that for small stuff. He also has tile saws available for contractors and has a lot of specialized equipment sort of geared toward concrete contractors — a lot of cutting tools.
   And then there is the bigger equipment toward the back of the place with trenchers and posthole augers and all kinds of loaders.
   The other new business, Prineville Landscaping Materials, is closely-related and the two tie together nicely. Prineville Landscaping is the only place in town that sells bark dust. Everything in the landscaping realm is available there, such as large trees, fruit trees, flowering shrubs, hanging baskets, vegetables and herbs, and perennials and annual flowers plus greenhouses full of plants ready for spring.
   They have all types and grades of bark as well as natural rock and rock products, retaining wall blocks, water feature supplies, gravel, sand, compost, mixtures for a variety of needs, and railroad ties — sold individually or by the bundle.
   Case has always loved Prineville and says it has always felt more like home than any other place he has lived. He has been a resident for only 12 years but he says, “I don’t know if that’s long term as yet. We have just gotten to the state where people don’t refer to our house as somebody else’s.”
   Prineville Rentals and Prineville Landscaping Materials
   Address: 1883 NW Gardner Road
   Phone: Prineville Landscaping Materials - 541-447-5020, Prineville Rentals - 541-447-8145
   Hours: (during summer) 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sunday