Peterson files for City Council position

Candidate hopes to provide financial breaks for those who want to start a small business in Prineville
Prineville City Council candidate William (Brad) Peterson believes that local government officials should do a better job of listening to their constituents.
   If elected, he plans to make listening one of his top priorities.
   “They need to listen to We the People,” he said. “It’s like our Constitution says, ‘We the People.’ That’s kind of my platform.”
   Peterson admits he joined the City Council race somewhat reluctantly.
   “I had a bunch of friends saying, ‘Do it, do it,’ and I kept saying, ‘No, no, no, no. I don’t have the money to do this.’”
   At the same time, he wants to jump in and serve the Prineville community. As a retired truck driver, Peterson said he has a lot of time and does not mind using it to study paperwork or serve on committees.
   With whatever actions Peterson might take as a Councilor, he emphasized a desire to keep people apprised of Council business.
   “My main thing is just to see government run transparently — maybe the agendas published more than just a couple days before (a meeting),” he said.
   In addition to his commitment to transparency and communication with constituents, Peterson wants to focus on putting unemployed residents back to work. Having driven log truck for much of his career, he has seen how well jobs in the timber industry can pay. Peterson would like the community to regain access to the forests so residents can again take advantage of the employment opportunities that timber offers.
   Because he suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, he can no longer work driving log truck. At the same time, because of the sagging job market, if Peterson could still work, he suspects he would have left town to find a job.
   “I’d be gone, he said. “I’d be where I can make money.”
   However, since he hasn’t left town, and doesn’t intend to do so, he wants to provide residents with more, better paying employment options.
   “I’d like to see jobs — and not more government jobs,” he said. “We have got to get government off of people’s back and let people make money.”
   Peterson believes that the City needs to eliminate fees and lower taxes for people who want to start a small business in Prineville.
   “If we can give these big data centers big breaks, why can’t we give a small businessman a break?”
   The 2012 general election takes place on Nov. 6. Crook County ballots will be mailed out on Oct. 19.