Current CCSD Curriculum Director Dennis Kostelecky will take over Head of Schools position for Insight Charter School

by: RAMONA MCCALLISTER/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Dennis Kostelecky has been the curriculum director for CCSD since 1995, and will split the responsibilities for his current position with a half-time role as Head of Schools for Insight Charter School. Above, Kostelecky looks at some program data with Insight Charter Registrar Dianne Hendrix.

The curriculum director for Crook County Schools announced at the September school board meeting that he has taken the position of Head of Schools for Insight Charter School.
   Dennis Kostelecky has been the curriculum director for CCSD since 1995, and has been in education for 42 years. Although he has taken the position with Insight Charter School, he remains half time as curriculum director until the end of the 2013 school year.
   Kostelecky came to the Crook County School District in 1993 from Mazama High School, where he was a language arts instructor for 12 years. Prior to that, he worked at Cascades School District in Turner, Ore. He also worked for his first two years in education at a Catholic school in Staton, Ore.
   Professionally, Kostelecky said that he likes to be on the cutting edge of things in education.
   “This online school idea is starting to take hold, and it’s kind of fun to see where it’s going,” he said. “Nationally, we are heading towards parental choice — there’s going to be more and more parental choice — and a charter online school can provide that for parents and students, if we can make it work.”
   Kostelecky thinks that the one online class offered through Insight this school year for the students at the Crook County Middle School and Crook County High School will be a real plus for the district. He added that the feedback from the students indicates that most of them thought it would relatively easy, but this form of learning is actually quite difficult.
   He noted that prior to coming to CCSD, he was focused on the classroom.
   “It’s been really great working for the district, because it expands your mind in the understanding of education,” added Kostelecky
   “There’s much more to education than being in the classroom,” he noted. “If the organization isn’t functioning correctly, than it can’t be successful, so you try to do everything possible to keep the organization running smoothly and headed in the right direction. It’s always been kind of a partnership.”
   Superintendent of Crook County Schools Duane Yecha said that the biggest issue in trying to find a replacement for Kostelecky is the instructional knowledge that he has of all the programs in the district.
   “About two to three times per week, I go in and ask Dennis about various topics, and he generally knows the answer,” said Yecha.
   Kostelecky said that the charter school is considered a public entity because it has a charter school board and is sponsored by the Crook County School District. He will be resuming a full-time role as Head of Schools in the fall of 2013.
   “I have been doing this for quite some time,” Kostelecky commented of his current position. “It represents a new challenge to me. It’s difficult to do, because I feel some ownership for the things that we are doing in this district and are connected to the district. I am also looking for ways to try to stay working, but transition into retirement — and this is a good one.”
   The district will post the curriculum director’s position in-district initially, and at the September school board meeting the board discussed whether the qualifications for the position should include a school administrative license.
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