>Close win is fifth consecutive victory for Meadow Lakes
For the fifth consecutive year, Meadow Lakes Golf Club has won the Prineville Cup.
   This time, however, the match was close as Meadow Lakes battled from behind most of the match.
   “Prineville Golf and Country Club had all their top guns for the first time in several years,” said Meadow Lakes club pro Zach Lampert. “It made it a highly competitive event.”
   The annual event, which was held on Sunday, Sept. 19, featured an 18-hole two-man scramble in the morning at Prineville Golf Club and an 18-hole best ball at Meadow Lakes in the afternoon.
   Teams were awarded one point for winning the front nine holes, one point winning on the back nine, and a point for winning all 18-holes.
   Led by Pat O’Gorman and Chuck Wilcox, who took a 3-0 victory over Rob Dudley and Mike Chappell, Prineville Country Club opened up a 9-6 lead after morning action. Mike Coyle and Benny Sullivan earned 2.5 points for the Country Club as they knocked off Clay Smith and Jeff Roundtree. Pat Fitzsimons and Grant Patterson also earned two points for the Country Club with an upset victory over Lampert and Montgomery.
   Dustin Conklin and Jeff Storm earned 2.5 points for Meadow Lakes with a win over Greg Kelso and Travis Holmes, while Jeff Brown and Les Bryan scored two points with a victory over Steve Pierce and Richard Kludt.
   By midway through the afternoon round at Meadow Lakes, the Country Club had built an even bigger lead.
   However, Meadow Lakes rallied late to take the win.
   Conklin and Storm swept Bruce Neelands and Fitzsimons, while Brown and Bryan, and Lampert and Montgomery each scored two points in their afternoon matches.
   Still, the match came down to a single putt on the 18th hole.
   “Bruce Neelands had a three-footer for a 15-15 tie,” Lampert said. “But he lipped it out, giving Meadow Lakes a one-point victory.”
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