>Take time to thank the people who have helped make your local newspaper a reality
On Tuesday, you’ll notice that the Central Oregonian’s front page looks a little different.
   This isn’t some freakish computer glitch, but rather our way of paying homage to the long and storied past of the Central Oregonian and newspapers in general.
   Beginning Oct. 7, newspapers across the country will recognize National Newspaper Week. Being the occasional non-conformist that some people know me to be, I decided that one week wasn’t nearly enough time to pay tribute to what really makes newspapers the invaluable media that they are: the people.
   Consequently, on each Tuesday in October, the front page of the Central Oregonian will feature a “historic” look and will also include a feature story about a local person who once worked for the Central Oregonian. You may already know some of these people and their relationship to the Central Oregonian, but I think there are a couple of folks who may surprise you.
   Since I started working in the newspaper industry in 1990 for a little newspaper called the Laughlin Gambler (I’m not kidding), I’ve always been fascinated by the number of people who have worked at their local newspaper. I would come across a person in whatever community I was living in at the time whom I would never think of working in the newspaper industry and they would say something like, “Oh yeah, I worked at the paper about 20 years ago.”
   In most cases, the revelation would come along with some anecdote and a comment about how much they enjoyed working there.
   That is something that is as true now as it was 100 years ago.
   The newspaper industry has faced a variety of challenges in the last several years, but one thing has remained constant; it is the people who live and work in the community that make the local newspaper the valuable resource that it is.
   Our readers may not always agree with what the Central Oregonian says on our Opinion page or what stories we choose to cover, but I can honestly tell you that the people who work at the Central Oregonian do their very best every day to make this the best community newspaper it can be.
   Take the time to thank them.
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