Just 37 people compete in annual fundraiser for The Landing and CCHS track

by: LON AUSTIN/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Noel Stringer competes in the five-mile portion of the Dam Run. Stringer was the first female to finish the five-mile race, completing the course in 48:49:00.

Gusting winds and occasional pouring rain blanketed the course as a handful of hardy souls braved the elements to compete in the annual Dam Run and Relay.
   Although the race ran smoothly, organizers were disappointed with the turnout for this year’s race.
   “It went good,” said event organizer Ernie Brooks. “Our turnout was really low. Some of it was the weather and it is getting to the point where there are just so many races in the fall, but we had great helpers and the race went on without any hiccups.
   Brooks added that because of the low numbers he was able to run in this year’s race.
   Although just two teams competed in the 20-mile relay, competition was still fierce as the two teams ran neck-and-neck for much of the race.
   Hostess Workers on Strike pulled away sometime after the midpoint of the race to win, while the Best Damn Relay Team couldn’t keep pace and wound up in second place. The Hostess Workers on Strike team of Aaron Heskett, Greg Davy, James Blanchard, and Randy McClellan finished the course in a time of 2:36:39. Larry Smith, Jon Crawford, Jeff Vigil, and Mark Rhoden of the Best Damn Relay Team finished just under 12 minutes back with a time of 2:48:19.
   The 10-mile race was dominated by Gabe Hendrix, who led wire-to-wire, completing the course in a time of 1:35:21. Heather Wiles finished second with a time of 1:45:57, while Carrie Lowenbach came away with third place in 1:46:16.
   Rod Thompson also led from start-to-finish as he won the five-mile race in a time of 39:58:00. Matt Fischer came in second, completing the course in 41:59:00 while Noel Stringer was the first female finisher, taking third place with a time of 48:49:00.
   Jenny Brooks and Rhonda Morgan finished side-by-side in fourth place with a time of 54:33:00.
   Meanwhile, Ernie Brooks finished far behind, finishing eighth with a time of 1:02:37.
   “I got to run,” he said. “It was painful, but I ran.”
   The event also included a 2K fun run for kids, which was won by Grace Brooks in a time of 12:40.
   Ernie Brooks said that he is grateful for the support from the community and all the helpers that volunteer for the race. However, he was disappointed in the low number of runners.
   “This race isn’t just a fundraiser for track,” he said. “It’s a split between The Landing and track. We are trying to give something back to the community for all the support that they have given us.”
   Brooks added that The Landing is an education support program, which is housed in the First Baptist Church.
   “It’s a great service,” he said. “We’re very fortunate to be partnered up with them. We just didn’t have the bodies that we’d like to see.”
   Dam Run
   Saturday, Nov. 17
   20-mile relay — 1. Hostess Workers on Strike (Aaron Heskett, Greg Davy, James Blanchard, Randy McClellan) 2:36:39. 2. Best Damn Relay Team (Larry Smith, Jon Crawford, Jeff Vigil, Mark Rhoden) 2:48:19
   10-mile run — 1. Gabe Hendrix, 1:35:21. 2. Heather Wiles, 1:45:57. 3. Carrie Lowenbach, 1:46:14. 4. Tina Benton, 3:10:00. 4. Bridgette Riley, 3:10.:00. 4. Charity Hardy, 3:10:00.
   5-mile run — 1. Rod Thompson, 39:58:00. 2. Matt Fischer, 41:59:00. 3. Noel Stringer, 48:49:00. 4. Jenny Brooks, 54:33:00. 4. Rhonda Morgan, 54:33:00. 6. Lara Simpson, 58:32:00. 7. Jackson Gish, 1:01:38. 8. Ernie Brooks, 1:02:37. 8. Jim Crouch, 1:02:37. 10. Jamie Lambert, 1:13:59. 11. Elizabeth Lenex, 1:16:26. 12. Sandy Baker, 1:40:34. 12. Derek Baker, 1:40:34. 14. Adriana Blake, 1:47:17. 15. Annette Greis, 1:47:17. 16. Laurie Armstrong, 1:48:21. 17. Jenniann Workman, 1:48:21.
   2K youth run — 1. Grace Brooks, 12:40. 2. Sophelya Bickford, 13:50. 2. A. Carpenter, 13:50. 2. J. Gish, 13:50. 5. Natalie Carpenter, Lucy Brooks.
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