GFP Emergency Services has chosen Prineville as their main operation to install and ship out cargo containers from the City of Prineville Freight Depot

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - GFP Emergency Services will be locating their main production facility at the City of Prineville Freight Depot.

A Sisters-based company has chosen Prineville to expand a business that will employ approximately 20 to 40 employees, which will include electricians, plumbers, welders, framers, and insulators.
   GFP Emergency Services announced that its main production facility for all their hard-sided structures will be located in Prineville to provide the main base camp operations for their business. The company is awaiting final approval for a contract with the City of Prineville and an occupancy permit with the Crook County Planning Department.
   The business, headquartered in Sisters, provides remote base camp services and installation. The company will be bringing in used shipping containers, and setting up their operations at the City of Prineville Freight Depot.
   Dale Keller, business development manager for the City of Prineville Railway, said that GFP will cut the windows and doors from the containers prior to arrival at the freight depot. The final assembly will be done at their facilities before being loaded and shipped out. Keller said that they will also use their buildings for storage for materials for GFP.
   He noted that the containers would not be shipped out on the railway, due to the fact that the containers are shipped out in pristine condition, and containers on rail are noted for getting “tagged” or rocked before they reached their destination.
   “Have you ever seen a railway car that doesn’t have some kind of graffiti on it?” said Keller.
   He noted that having to touch up the containers would add to the cost, so GFP will ship them by truck.
   The founder and President of GFP, Don Pollard, grew up in Prineville and witnessed the decline of the timber economy and how it affected families and the livelihood of the local work force.
    “We are excited about the opportunity to have a production facility in Prineville and help contribute to the local economy where we can continue to expand and provide local jobs,” said Pollard.
   GFP provides services to past and current clients including FEMA, OKs Cascade Company, The Department of Defense, The Department of Agriculture, Pacific Rim Constructors, and many other state and private entities. GFP has responded to many of the nation’s largest disasters in the last 15 years, providing key infrastructure to areas devastated by natural disasters.
   “We do a lot of real remote base camps and remote facilities both domestically and internationally,” commented Pollard. “We respond to a lot of disasters, and provide essential facilities in a time of need.”
   He said that they have been to the southeast portion of the United States often, including the hurricane that hit Louisiana earlier this year.
   Pollard indicated that they build not only hard-sided structures, but they also provide soft-sided structures as well.
   “Our goal is to create a facility that is out of Prineville that just produces the hard-sided stuff,” said Pollard.
   This could include kitchen, shower, or housing units. He said that the customer-base and market would dictate how constant and ongoing the work will be.
   Pollard noted that not counting sub-contractors, they would employ approximately 20 to 40 people — mostly from Prineville. If they count sub-contractors, they will have 60 to 80 people working on projects. Laborers include electricians, plumbers, welders, framers, and insulators.
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