Planning commission to review Main Street subdivisions

Public hearings for Anglers Canyon, River Steepes set for tonight at 7 p.m.
The City of Prineville Planning Commission will hold hearings beginning at 7 p.m. tonight in City Hall to discuss the approval of two proposed subdivisions in the area of South Main in Prineville.
   Anglers Canyon, which has been proposed by Prineville Residential/Prineville Commercial of Salem, has an approved outlying development plan (ODP) and is currently waiting to begin phase one, which involves actual subdivision into lots.
   River Steppes has been proposed by the Mayberry Group of Bend and is in the process of having its OPD approved by the planning commission.
   According to Senior Planner Scott Edelman, an OPD is a basic map of the areas of development within a subdivision.
   "It doesn't show actual lots, but general areas - high density development and low density development, where their parks are, where their open space is, and what the street layout is. So it's meant to be very flexible as an overall plan for development," Edelman said.
   Both are planned unit developments (PUDs), which are similar to large subdivisions, but have more flexibility in lot sizes, Edelman said. The ODPs of both detail a wide range of potential lot sizes.
   The pieces of land that the subdivisions will occupy are literally right across the street from one another.
   Phase one of Anglers Canyon is a 73.5-acre site and is expected to lie directly east of the Crooked River Highway. The mixed-use development is planned to accommodate 166 lots for commercial and residential purposes ranging in size from 6,500 square feet to 15,000 square feet.
   River Steppes is expected to lie on the west side of the highway, and main access will be a bridge across the Crooked River. The proposed subdivision is a 190-acre plot with 306 total lots outlined in the ODP. Lots on the subdivision are planned to range in size from 5,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet and accommodate single-family residences. A unique concept River Steppes is looking to implement is known as cluster housing.
   "Basically they are smaller houses, usually around 1,000 square feet, and often two-story. The lot lines are pretty much the perimeter of the house-really small lots clustered together with a common open space. What they're trying to do is provide a variety of housing to cover different areas of the market," Edelman said.
   Senior planner Edelman mentioned that there will be major costs associated with both developments. They need the same sewer and water lines extended and will have to build a shared pump station for sewage.
   Also, River Steppes will have to extend Crestview Road into the development as a secondary access for fire and rescue.
   If approved, both projects could take up to 15 years to complete and Edelman said that once the planning commission renders a decision, it is final, as long as there are no appeals.
   Shelli Peterson of Salem-based Curry Architecture and project manager for Anglers Canyon said that the development will have "a pretty good variety of all housing types."
   "There's going to be everything from townhomes and apartments, to single-family homes and smaller lots. I think the smallest lots are around 6,500 (square feet) and the largest are around 15,000 (square feet)," she said.
   She mentioned that at the present time, it is impossible to determine costs.
   "There are way too many variables for costs. It's really preliminary right now," she said.
   Mike Gregory, project manager for River Steppes, said that if approved by the planning commission Tuesday night, construction on the initial phases could begin as early as mid-summer 2008.
   He also explained that it is too preliminary in the process to know what the costs will be.
   "It's too early to tell the prices. We haven't contracted with the actual homebuilders yet. We're mainly the subdivision developer," he said.