>Superintendent Steve Swisher is not expected to retire for another 3-4 years
Given that Superintendent Steve Swisher will eventually retire, the Crook County School Board is in the very early stages of planning for his successor.
   With this in mind, both Vice-Chairman Mark Severson and board member Riley Stock presented their thoughts in a press release, saying that "Swisher has discussed with the school board his desire to retire from the district within the next three years."
   "Mr. Swisher's major concern is if he had to depart from the school district sooner due to health reasons," Stock and Severson wrote.
   "My quote is simply that, you know I had always planned to be retiring within three to four years, especially as I get past 60," said Swisher, who is 57. "So with that, I wanted the board to be thinking down the road how they wanted to pick a successor and what sort of processes they wanted to do that."
   "And I have offered to mentor and help my successor to whatever level they would like, which would include someone they may choose internally or some external candidate, when they choose to replace me," Swisher said.
   According to Severson and Stock, during the next few months the board will "work on the development of an appropriate succession plan, which will build upon the successes that Mr. Swisher has achieved during his tenure."
   "An effective succession plan is vital to continuous improvement and maintaining the stability of the district through these times of change," they said. "All school board members intend to work collaboratively with Mr. Swisher to assure a successful and effective transition to a new superintendent. Members of the school board appreciate all the work Mr. Swisher has accomplished in his tenure with the district. Each and every board member is concerned with Mr. Swisher's health, and collectively feels this needs to be the overriding concern of the board."
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