It's time for some New Year's thoughts and resolutions

It's the start of a new year, and everyone is making their new year's resolutions, so I guess the time has come to share some of my thoughts for what's ahead
   First, the masters' national track meet will be in Spokane this year and I plan on competing. That's right, track for old people. I plan on at least throwing the javelin, and maybe entering a second event. Each year that nationals come to the Northwest I attempt to come out of retirement, and each year it gets a little harder. This year I resolve to be drug free. I will not use either steroids or human growth hormone. Even though they seem to have worked well for Roger Clemens, I am going to resist the temptation.
   Speaking of drug use it is time that major league baseball comes clean. Everyone knows that drugs have been a part of the sport for years. The drug of choice in the 60's and 70's was amphetamines, which are still being used in the sport; and then in the 80's steroid use began.
   Jim Bouton chronicled the use of amphetamines way back in 1970 when he co-wrote "Ball Four", and Jose Canseco documented the steroid use in his book "Juiced", and says he began using them in the early 1980's. Yet everyone that is implicated in drug usage either denies it, or only used them once or twice after an injury.
   Grow up! Everyone knew it was going on. Reportedly the amphetamines were available in a bowl in some locker rooms, and in others they served leaded and unleaded coffee, with leaded laced with speed. Let's just be honest and admit it. It wasn't even against baseball rules, so how can they possibly punish people who tell the truth?
   Second, I resolve to not be last in next year's Fearless Forecasters competition. The contest is not officially over until Monday, but last year's winner Buzz Williams has won again, and I locked up last place weeks ago. I had a great strategy once I got behind. Look at everyone else's picks and whenever no one picked a team, I chose them so I could make up ground. It worked so well that I can't even see the person in next to last from the hole that I dug for myself.
   Moving on it seems that almost everyone resolves to lose a few pounds either through exercise or diet. Since diet doesn't seem very appealing to me I guess that I might have to start exercising again. The worst part about my new job is that it is very sedentary compared to what I have traditionally done, and I am beginning to pay for it around the waistline. It seems a lot easier to exercise than diet, as a co-worker just brought in a dozen doughnuts. So as I sit here chowing down on a chocolate covered, custard filled mega-calorie monster of a doughnut I resolve to eat sensibly and lose a few pounds this year-starting tomorrow.
   There are several other things that I would like to see in 2008, so here is a partial list.
   I would love to see the New England Patriots lose. I don't know what it is about that team, but I find them hard to like.
   While we are on teams that are hard to like it sure would be nice if the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees could lose too. They spend so much more money on players than some of the other teams that it really doesn't seem fair.
   Last year the Yankees spent more than $186,000,000 on their player payroll, while the Florida Marlins spent approximately $24,00,000. That's why both the NBA and the NFL have salary caps.
   I'd like to see the olympics go off without a hitch this year in Beijing. No drug scandals, no political problems and no problems for athletes because of the poor air quality.
   I would like to see the Toure De France finish with all of the major athletes that it starts with, and no court cases deciding who won or who cheated.
   I'm also interested to see if the Oregon State Beavers can win a third straight NCAA baseball title, or if Crook County can do the same in volleyball.
   This could be an interesting year. There is so much going on in the world of sport, and even though so often the major sports news is all about the bad things that happen there is still a lot that is good about the world of sport.
   And I guess one last resolution is all that I have time for. I resolve to not miss any more deadlines at the newspaper. That is unless I can find a good excuse. Today my excuse is simple. The wrestling that I am responsible for covering didn't happen until last night. I have no idea what that has to do with my column being late, but that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.