Lindsay Brown leads an ordinary country girl’s life and moonlights as a dancer for the LumberJax

by: Kevin Gaboury/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Lindsay Brown poses in front of Body and Soul Spa in Prineville, where she is a manager. She is also a dancer for the Portland LumberJax, a professional lacrosse team.

When she's not helping people to look their best at the Body and Soul Spa in Prineville, Lindsay Brown is probably dancing. The 21-year-old lifelong Prineville resident splits her time between beauty extraordinaire and dancer for the Portland LumberJax, a professional indoor lacrosse team.
   Although the regular season ended on April 11, the Jax made the postseason for the second time, so Brown may keep up the 294-mile circuit between Prineville and the Rose Garden for the practices, performances and promotions that make up the life of a professional dancer.
   She recently met with the Central Oregonian to discuss her passion for dance and the two cities she calls home.
   Central Oregonian: How long have you been dancing overall?
   Lindsay Brown: I've been dancing since I was 6 - off and on when I was little. I cheered in high school for my first two years, and I did dance team for the last two years. Then I went to Oregon State and was on their dance team for two years. Now I'm with the Jax.
   C.O.: How long have you been with the Jax?
   Brown: This is my first year.
   C.O.: What do you like best about dancing with the team?
   Brown: I would say the style of it. We do thrash jazz dancing, and we dance to really fun songs and the crowd is really upbeat. So that makes it a lot of fun. It's not like pretty ballerina dance, it's kind of rough and we throw lots of hair. It's sassy (laughs). And the girls on the team are amazing.
   C.O.: What about performing?
   Brown: For the Jax, we're the focal point. At Oregon State, we were out there the entire time, so we got kind of worn out. But with this team, we're not out there the entire time. They just announce us and we come out. It's my passion.
   C.O.: How often do you go to Portland?
   Brown: I tried out for the team in September. From then until January, we had practices once a week, plus a couple of promotional things. When the season started and there were games, it was like twice a week. The most I had to go up was three times in a week.
   C.O.: Is it difficult to divide your time between Prineville and Portland?
   Brown: Yeah. Sometimes it is, but it's well worth it. Practices start at 7:45 a.m., and will go till 10 at night. And then driving home after that so I can work in the morning.
   C.O.: Has your job been pretty accommodating?
   Brown: Yes, very much so.
   C.O.: What do you like best about Portland?
   Brown: I would say all that there is to do there and the nightlife.
   C.O.: What do you like best about Prineville?
   Brown: Lots of things...the people. I like how it has a small town feel. In Portland, it doesn't feel like here where anywhere you go, you know somebody. Just all the connections in a small town, and everyone's friendly.
   C.O.: Which city do you like better?
   Brown: Definitely Prineville.
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