>Powell Butte is the site of the first candidate forum of the election season
Crook County residents will have an opportunity to hear candidates for judge and commissioner present their platforms tonight in Powell Butte.
   The candidates forum, which is sponsored by the Powell Butte Farmers/Community Club, Inc., will be held at the Powell Butte Community Center and gets under way at 7 p.m.
   Don Hepperle, who is the chairman of the club's board of directors, said all of the candidates for judge and commissioner have committed themselves to attend.
   This will mark the second political forum that has been held at the center.
   "We did the sheriff's race the year before," Hepperle said. "We had all of the sheriff's candidates."
   Attendance was good for the event, with about 75 people in the audience, but Hepperle is hoping for more.
   "We're looking for at least 120," the chairman continued.
   Only questions that are submitted in writing will be accepted from the audience.
   "They'll give it to us when they come in," Hepperle continued. "We did the same thing for the sheriff's (race), where we didn't allow any questions from the audience and the reason for that is we didn't want any confrontations."
   "Each candidate will be given a three-minute opening statement as to why they should be judge or (commissioner)," Hepperle said.
   Candidates will then be given one minute to respond to each question.
   "There could be some questions directed to the judge candidates," he added. "Any questions that are directed to the commissioner candidates need to be answered by the judge (candidates) as well because they are also commissioners. And then each candidate will be given two minutes to wrap up."
   "We'd like to welcome each and every constituent," the club chairman emphasized. "Particularly the Powell Butte people, but anybody's welcome of course."
   The chairman said pie and coffee will also be served as a fund-raiser for the club.
   "Being a nonprofit organization, we've got to raise funds wherever we can," Hepperle said.
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