Shinkle resigns

5A wrestling coach of the year submits letter of resignation on Wednesday
Head Crook County High School Wrestling Coach Mike Shinkle announced his resignation as coach on Wednesday, April 23.
   Shinkle who had guided the Cowboys to second and third place finishes at the state tournament the last two seasons, as well as being named 5A wrestling coach of the year this season, submitted his resignation after what he characterized as months of deliberation.
   "During my tenure as coach, I have enjoyed many rewarding experiences," said Shinkle in his resignation letter. "It has been a pleasure to work with all the young men on the team and their families. It is my hope that I have made a positive impact on their lives, as I know they have made one on mine."
   Shinkle said that at this time he is planning on continuing to teach at Crook County Middle School.
   Rumors about Shinkles future with the Crook County wrestling program have been circulating since he missed the Resers Tournament of Champions in Hillsboro earlier this year. Nonetheless the announcement came as a surprise as Shinkle had directed the Cowboys to two of the schools most successful seasons in recent history. In addition to the high finishes at state each of the last two seasons the Cowboys also won the district title this season and Shinkle was named coach of the Year both in the Intermountain Conference and at the 5A state level.
   "At this point I just found out that he resigned, so I really don't have anything to say," said high school Principal Jim Golden. "He's done a great job and he's welcome to stay. There was absolutely no pressure from me for him to resign."
   Vice-Principal Brian Lemos, who has been actively involved in the wrestling program declined to comment. When contacted by the Central Oregonian, assistant wrestling coach Rob Bonner also declined to comment.
    "I just want to say thanks to the parents who supported me and to the wrestlers who allowed me to be part of their life," said Shinkle who declined to comment further.
   "I'm sad to see him go," said Athletic Director Case y Waletich. "He did a great job with our wrestling program and I enjoyed working with him. I think he did a lot for this wrestling program and this community. Kids loved wrestling for him. He was passionate about wrestling and he and his staff did a great job. I appreciate all those guys and my relationship with them although it was short couldn't have been better. I'm sad, I'm disappointed and I feel bad for Mike, his staff and the kids ,because they have put a lot of time into it and they've done good things."
   Waletich added that they would open the job up and advertise it, but that it is a tough time to hire coaches because of a lack of teaching openings.
   "It's a blow," said Waletich. "We will try to get the very best coach that we possibly can for this community with what we have to give. This year was great and I guess anytime you lose the IMC and class 5A coach of the year it's not a great thing."