The Crook County Cowboys extended their season last night with a thrilling 50-48 win at West Albany in the first round of the state playoffs.
   This is the first ever (EVER!) win for the Cowboys in the playoffs. They had previously lost three different times in the state playoffs, a streak that extended over the course of 59 years.
   On Tuesday, in front of a rambunctious house (at least twice as loud as Tualatin was last year), the Cowboys were led by Chad Howard's 17 points. The team struggled from the free-throw line, but made 3 of 4 in the final minute to seal the win.
   Check out Friday's edition of the CO for a complete story and column on the West Albany game.
   And a big hand to the fans from Prineville that braved the snow and mountain passes to get to West Albany.
   I took the direct route to Albany, and I was the only one on the road. I figured that when I got to West Albany, it'd be packed with Bulldog fans. Well, it just turns out everyone drove to Salem and then came down to Albany, because as everyone knows (except myself), the direct route to Albany is like the annoying relative of Oregon state highways.
   Think of it like that really obnoxious uncle that comes over to visit, but he ends up staying for weeks, and you eventually just give up the welcoming attitude, refusing to give him any hospitality whatsoever, hoping that he'll get the hint and just leave. That's this highway. I think the state of Oregon just gave up on it, hoping that it'll just disappear one of these days. I was the only one on it, and for good reason. On a positive note, it actually kept me awake, with all the narrow 89-degree turns and pot holes.
   Anyway, like I said, big hand to the fans. Get ready to bring it Friday at Roosevelt.
   I'll blog more on Thursday about the game.
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