Oregon needs a shot clock

When I covered my first boys basketball game here in Crook County, I was surprised that the state of Oregon doesn't implement a shot clock in high school basketball.
   Might I ask why?
   On Friday night at Roosevelt High School, the play of the Roughriders reminded me of the shot clock issue, and how, well, stupid it is.
   At one point, the Roughriders held onto the ball -- literally, they stood there without moving and held the ball -- for approximately 1:20 left in the third quarter. They took a 3-point shot at the buzzer to go up by seven points heading into the fourth quarter. While it was annoying to watch Roosevelt stand there and watch the clock run down to 0:00, Roosevelt is not the problem. I've seen Mountain View do it. I've seen Hermiston do it. I've seen Crook County do it.
   The fact is is that Oregon needs a shot clock. It is especially frustrating to watch any team stall while the clock ticks down, and it's even more frustrating to watch it happen in a five-point game during the second round of the state playoffs.
   What is this teaching? If this is the case, why not enroll Boston Celtics legend Bob Cousy at Crook County High School? No, really? Besides the fact that Cousy is about 83 years old, why not? Have the Cowboys score about 10 points, then give the ball to Cousy and have him dribble around for the rest of the game.
   In Oregon, you'd win every game.