Spring season and Selection Sunday

With winter sports over and spring sports ready to commence, these blogs should come more regularly. I took a bit of a blog vacation last week, since there wasn't anything going on. I think I hit the blog wall, too. It's actually rather difficult to come up with something nearly everyday, but I'm pretty sure you didn't come to this site to hear how difficult MY job is.
   Anyway, the spring season kicks off today with a pair of non-conference games for the baseball and softball teams. Both varsity squads will play at home against Redmond, with first pitch for the baseball team at 4 p.m. and first pitch for the softball team at 3:30 p.m.
   The girls golf team will be at Bandon Dunes, while the boys team is at The Oregon Golf Club in West Linn.
   I'll have score updates later.
   On another note, I was in Eugene over the weekend for a wedding, and I managed to get some free time to head over to McArthur Court to catch the Selection Sunday telecast.
   If you're unfamiliar with this, what they do is fill approximately half of Mac Court with Ducks fans, they bring out the basketball team, and then we -- the Ducks fans -- stand and clap and cheer for the team while watching a 2006-07 highlight film. When that's all done, we watch the CBS telecast of Selection Sunday, which I technically could have watched in my underwear at home.
   If this sounds incredibly lame and cheesy, that's only because it is. BUT, it's at Mac Court, only one of the greatest arenas I've been in, and I'm not just saying that because I went to UO. It's very similar to the old Boston Garden, only it's in, believe it or not, better shape -- no extreme temperatures, no dead spots on the floor, etc.
   Now, it's most definitely NOT the Boston Garden, but if there was one basketball arena out there that resembled it, this is probably it. And I say all this because there is a strong belief that they'll be building a new arena soon. And I would just like to put my two cents in to what a horrible idea that is.
   I could go in to all the details of why we should keep Mac Court, but I'm not. I'm from Massachusetts, and I've already seen the Boston Garden torn down for a NEW, although outdated-when-it-opened, Fleet Center, and a NEW Gillette Stadium, which still has that new car feel to it, so people aren't as loud as they were in Foxboro Stadium.
   The higher-ups see that with a new stadium, you'll get more revenue and better recruits. That may be the case, but, based on experience, the new arena only works if the one you're getting rid of has no appeal, personality or character. If you've been to Mac Court, you can agree that that is not the case.