So, my bad on the blog yesterday. I could have very easily told you that the Cowboys baseball team lost to West Linn 14-4, or that the Crook County Sparkles dance team took fourth place at the OSAA Dance and Drill State Championships in Portland last weekend, but I didn't. I'm sorry (my girlfriend always tells me that I say sorry too much, and she may be right. But then again, I actually feel I screw up enough to warrant a sorry, so go figure).
   I covered the dance state championships last weekend, and I have to say that I'm rather intrigued with the sport when I'm there. It's a completely different culture to me. My high school never had a dance team, so, like wrestling and rodeo, I'm still a little new to the sport.
   But I find it interesting what themes each team will come up with, and find it rather hilarious that it's all performed on the old basketball floor of the Portland Trail Blazers.
   Anywho, baseball and softball open their conference schedule today at Madras, and both Crook County and Mitchell will compete at the Crook County Icebreaker in track and field.
   Updates tomorrow.
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