I'll be on vacation starting today until April 2. So, this will be my last blog until then. What I'm trying to say is that you can take me off your favorites list until then. HA!
   As for local sports last night, both the boys and girls tennis teams beat Mountain View, and both the boys and girls golf teams took third place out of three teams at the Summit Icebreaker Invitational.
   That was simple.
   Anyway, if you don't like me talking about national sports, well then you can probably stop reading.
   My bracket took a turn for the worse last night, as Texas AM lost to Memphis, a basketball team that can't hit free throws.
   Anyhoo, if you saw the game, you can understand my anger as the referees gave that game to Memphis.
   One thing that I hate is when referees "bail out" players. On Thursday, Memphis took four shots in the final seconds when they were down. They missed them all. So on the fourth and final shot that Memphis took in that series, what happens? The referee calls a foul on Texas AM.
   My beef here is not that it wasn't a foul -- to be honest, it was. But to call a foul, in the final seconds, mind you, after the team just had four opportunities to score, you might as well just give the game to Memphis.
   Remember, Memphis took three shots. They get the rebound on all of them. On the fourth shot, they shoot, the refs call a foul, and now they have two free throws. Like, how many chances do you give them? They couldn't score in each of the four shots they took, so the refs "bail out" the players by giving them free throws.
   You can argue that all Texas AM had to do was get a rebound, and they would have won the game. But, in my opinion, this is where the refs cross the line into altering the game. Memphis had their opportunity -- in fact, they had four -- and they didn't capitalize. The refs should have let the call go.
   OK, that felt good. I'm sorry about that. But I see that all too often at every level.
   Have a good week. It's Spring Break, so stay out of trouble, kids.
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