Hard work, dedication yield positive results

When Prineville has a challenge or a task that needs to be taken care of, residents step up to help. A perfect example of this is the recent Crook County Fairgrounds improvements.
   Rodeo injuries caused area businesses and residents to band together to help fix the fairgrounds' gates and fences. During the course of this past winter, about 20 volunteers spent their time fixing fences, bucking chutes and corrals to prepare for the upcoming rodeo season and the Crooked River Roundup. The Roundup is the biggest event in Prineville and draws thousands of visitors each year. It was time to make improvements at the fairgrounds to help showcase this big event, and Roundup volunteers gave it their all.
   Other work consisted of tearing down, welding and repainting the dilapidated areas.
   According to initial estimates, organizers figured they would have 611 total volunteer hours for the work. That has been easily surpassed. Earlier this year, the Crook County Court also agreed to pay the requested $48,733 for the materials needed for the fairgrounds - money without which the project would have been quite difficult to complete. The court should also be thanked for their continuous support of the fairgrounds and the Roundup.
   "We're starting to see the light," said Crooked River Roundup Treasurer Doug Smith. "It's something that the community should be proud of when we get done."
   We agree.
   In an era when people constantly point out others' faults, it's refreshing to see such an example of people working together and how good things can be accomplished.
   The newly remodeled fairgrounds will be a highlight for the county and help attract more visitors to the Roundup for years to come. Roundup members and contributing businesses have reason to be proud of their efforts.