Well, it's good to be back.
   OK. That's a lie. I enjoyed my vacation. But I could use another one, if for the only reason that it meant I slept late.
   Anyhoo, the Cowgirls split their doubleheader with Mazama on Friday and the Cowboys lost to Churchill 15-9 in the second game of a two-game series.
   While I don't have details from the Cowboys game, the Cowgirls lost their opening game to Mazama 7-2, but returned the favor in the second game, defeating Mazama 9-0. Coach Tom Decker said it was like "night and day."
   Taking two games in a doubleheader is always a tough challenge. Unless you are far superior than the other team, usually what happens is that the two teams split. If you win the first, you take the second game a little lightly, and vice versa.
   But I always find the second game to be of greater importance. In a non-conference doubleheader, the first game is always a warmup. It shouldn't be, but I'm just speaking from experience. The second game is when both teams are ready to go. They're stretched and they know what to expect. So it's good to see the Cowgirls take game two against Mazama, especially in a rather convincing fashion. Hopefully, this will propel them to this week, when they reconvene for their conference schedule.
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