I got a little busy on Monday, hence no blog. But, if I had written a blog entry, I probably would have talked about the baseball and softball teams (because that's what I know).
   The Cowboys lost two games against Hermiston on Saturday, both coming in extra innings. The Cowgirls split their two games against Hermiston, with the loss coming in, you guessed it, extra innings.
   Now, about the Cowgirls, both of their games against Hermiston were one-run affairs, making it the eighth game this season that the Cowgirls have played in a one-run ball game. In fact, all five Intermountain Conference games that they've played in have been one-run games. That's just weird. I mean, you figure someone would have been just blown out, right?
   But something has got to give. Either one team is going to get blown out, or Cowgirls Manager Tom Decker will pass out from experiencing another one-run game, win or lose.
   As I talked about in my column last Friday, this doubleheader against Hermiston was huge. And, of course, it's too difficult to make heads or tails of the two games and what affect they'll have on the rest of the season.
   I mean, no one got crushed. Both teams played in close one-run games, so it's impossible to say what kind of outcome this will have.
   If the Cowboys or Cowgirls went into Hermiston, beat them by a combined 30-3 score, then I guess we could make some sort of prediction on how the rest of the season will turn out.
   But that didn't happen, making this weekend's doubleheader at Pendleton yet another big series.
   Today, the track team is at a meet in Bend against Mountain View and Gilchrist. And the baseball team will play a non-conference game at Burns.
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