>Ballots will be sent out April 27; measures need double majority to pass
Two measures for a new swimming pool and school board openings will be among the items before Crook County voters in the May 15 special election, and a double majority is required in this election.
   "We're sending them (ballots) the 27th of April and they have to be back by May 15," said Chief Deputy Election Manager Trisha Shrum.
   Ballots can either be placed in a drop box or turned in at the Crook County Clerk's Office. Drop boxes will be at the Crook County Library, Powell Butte Elementary, the Crook County Treasurer's Office, the Post store and behind the Crook County Courthouse.
   "If somebody's in another county and have forgotten to mail it to us, they can put it in another county's drop box," Shrum said. As with all other ballots, these are due by 8 p.m. on Election Day. "But postmarks don't count."
   The following are the measures and candidates before voters.
   Crook County Parks and Recreation District
   Measure 7-45 is a five-year local option levy for a new swim center. This measure may only be passed at an election with at least 50 percent voter turnout. The District Board of Directors has requested authority to issue general obligation bonds to pay for a new center, and Measure 7-45 requests authority to levy additional taxes to pay for expected operational costs. The district estimates that revenue from the center will pay for no more than 40 percent of the center's operating costs. This levy and pledges received from the community are expected to pay for the rest of the operational costs. Property owners would be assessed 37 cents per $1,000 of assessed value for five years, beginning July 1, 2007. In 2007-2008, $340,000 would be raised. In 2008-2009 that would increase to $355,000, $370,000 in 2009-2010, $385,000 in 2010-2011 and $395,000 in 2011-2012.
   Measure 7-46
   Passage of this measure will provide money for a new swim center with indoor and outdoor pools. Voters are being asked to approve the district issuing $10.7 million in general obligation bonds. As with the other measure, this one can only be passed with at least 50 percent of voter turnout. The indoor pool will be used for competition, fitness, recreation, instructional and therapeutic swimming. The outdoor pool will provide more recreational water activities and water features. The measure would replace the existing outdoor swimming pool that is 54 years old. Bond proceeds will be used to pay capital construction and improvement costs related to the swim center and the costs of issuing the bonds. The bonds will mature within 25 years after they are issued and the district estimates that the annual levy to pay the bonds will average .62 cents per $1,000 of assessed value.
   Crook County Parks and Recreation District Board of Directors
   The director positions consist of four-year terms.
   Cindy Hurt is running unopposed for position two, and Jerry Coale is running unopposed in position three for a two-year, unexpired term. However, three candidates are running for position four. They are Charles Poarch, Larry Smith and Debbie Smith. Donna White is running unopposed for position five on the board.
   Crook County School Board
   Steve Caraway is running unopposed for zone one, as is Jeff Landaker for zone three. Incumbent Janet Roberts is being challenged by Mark Severson for her seat on the board for zone four. Landaker is filling a two-year unexpired term of Runinda McCormack. All school board positions are four-year terms.
   Crook County Fire and Rescue
   All director positions are four-year terms. John Jackson and Mark Nyman are running unopposed for position three and position five respectively.
   Crook County Cemetery District
   Jan Bony is running unopposed for a four-year term on the district board of directors in position three.
   Highland Subdivision Water District
   Two people are running for a position three seat on the district's board. They are Maurice Payne and Jeanne Jordan. Doug Tudor is running unopposed for position four.
   Jasper Knolls Water District
   No candidates filed to represent positions four and five on the board.
   Board members will be selected from the write-ins. A certificate will be sent to write-in candidates asking them if they wish to serve. Or a district board can appoint to fill the positions.
   Powell Butte View Estates Water District
   All positions on the board of directors are four-year terms.
   Dorothea Lane is running unopposed for the position one seat. Likewise, Beth Taylor is running unopposed for position two. No candidate filed for the position three seat, so this position may be filled from a write-in candidate or by the water district board.
   Ochoco West Water District
   As with other district openings, these are four-year terms.
   Jeremiah Fender is running unopposed for position one. Gerald Adams is running unopposed for a two-year unexpired term on the board, as is Ed Pearson. Marty Long and Marty Stegman are competing for the position five seat on the district board.
   Ochoco West Sanitary District
   Donna Stegman is running unopposed for position one on the board. Jim Stanley has filed for position two, which is for a two-year unexpired term. "Doc" Connolly is running for position three, which consists of a two-year unexpired term. Dan Parks is running for position four, which is also a two-year, unexpired term. And Elsa Hyder is running for position five on the board. This is a four-year term.
   Juniper Canyon Water Control District
   The district positions are four-year terms.
   Donna Coonse is running unopposed for position one. Dorothea Liverman does not have any challengers in her bid for position two and Jean Gillis is running unopposed for position three on the board.
   Deschutes County Rural Fire Protection District No. 1
   Steve Henderson is running unopposed for a four-year term representing position three. Carroll Penhollow has filed for position four, which is also a four-year term. She is also unopposed.
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