Top teachers

School district personnel work hard to fill vacancies with the best possible candidates

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In the Bend Bulletin last Sunday, there was an interesting article in the "75 Years Ago" section. The Bend school board received a petition on April 7, 1932 to reconsider their decision not to offer contracts to Mrs. Pearl Hill and Mrs. Pearl Webster for the 1932-33 school year. According to the article, it seems as if the basis for non-renewal was that both of the young women had gotten married during the past year and there was a longstanding rule against employing married women as teachers in the Bend schools. The Bulletin then quoted, in its related editorial: "Fitness and competency are, after all, the requirements in filling a position of almost any sort, and it might be said that it is especially true in regard to teaching. The question of marriage in its relation to fitness and ability of an instructor has been often debated and probably never been entirely decided."
   Times have changed in 75 years and we now look back on that situation with humor. However, I'm sure that many of you know someone, or have some member of your extended family, that you joke about today that shares the same position as the Bend School Board did in 1932. Can you imagine what people 75 years from now will think as they look back to today's practices in our schools? The use of technology is exploding in our everyday life and, as I wrote in an earlier editorial, scientists, reliable researchers, and notable economic forecasters predict that our computing power will be a billion times greater in just 13 years when our current Kindergarten class graduates than it is today. Growth of scientific knowledge and research is expanding at astronomical exponential rates. People looking back 75 years from now most likely will have quite a laugh!
   There is one factor that does seem to be a constant that was alluded to in the article from 75 years ago, is true today, and I am sure will be true 75 years from now. The single most important variable in a child's learning is the quality of the teacher leading and guiding the students. Our administrative team just spent Thursday afternoon at the Central Oregon Teachers' Fair searching for and recruiting top candidates to fill our vacancies. Some of these new teachers are necessitated by our growth and will augment the many fine teachers we already have in our district. Some of these new teachers will replace people who are leaving due to a natural turnover each year in our district due to retirements, leaves, and some teachers relocating to other areas for various reasons. We interviewed many excellent candidates and have already signed the best of them for next year. We didn't ask any of them if they were married.