seems now is the best time for the residents of Prineville to put their money where their mouth is.
   The City of Prineville currently has an opening for a city councilor position after Tim Harris recently resigned.
   And with plenty of people voicing their opinions at city council meetings - on topics such as water wells to the situation surrounding the public works director - it seems now would be the best time for the residents of Prineville to take action and run for city councilor.
   As councilor Betty Roppe said, "You have the opportunity to help the city grow in the manner you wish it to grow. You are helping it grow with a pre-planned agenda rather than just letting it occur."
   If you've attended a city council meeting within the past couple of months, you probably would have noticed a certain disagreement among some council-goers. Well, with an opening in the city council, now is the time to run for the councilor position and put in your two cents.
   The great thing about a democracy is that if you don't like how something is going, you have the power to change it. And right now, in our own little city, the power to change, voice, and take action on how the city develops and grows is there waiting.
   The councilor position, although appointed, doesn't have too many requirements, either. You have to be 18, a registered voter, and have lived in Prineville for at least one year.
   For the current council members, we ask that you appoint the best candidate who will bring about the best face of Prineville.
   The city is growing, and now's the time for you to grow with it.
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