Last night, on the phone with my girlfriend, I told her I was excited she wasn't coming to visit me in two weekends, because that's when the NFL Draft is.
   Before I dug myself into a hole that reached China, I told her that, when she comes, I won't have to split my time between her and the Draft.
   I don't think this helped, but I think she too is thankful that she's not coming on NFL Draft Weekend either.
   She, for a moment, was excited, only because she remembered last year when I spent two hours in front of my computer. However, as I pointed out, that wasn't NFL Draft Weekend. That was MY draft weekend in my fantasy football league. Big difference.
   Anywho, there's really no point I'm trying to make, nor is this a segue to anything. I just thought it was funny. And yet, we men wonder why we're out of shape. Look no further then the all-day marathons of drafts that take place over the year where we watch our team, not trying to win a game, mind you, but simply choose players that will hopefully win them a game in the next few YEARS. Man, it's great!
   Tonight, we have a full slate. Baseball and softball at home v. Bend; girls tennis v. Summit and boys tennis at Summit; Crook County track v. Bend at Ward Rhoden; and Mitchell track at Moro.
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