Sox, Yanks and Cowgirls

Happy Friday, everyone.
   Just wanted to add a few things that got cut from my column today on the Cowgirls.
   The best thing about a young team like the Cowgirls is getting to watch them grow. The team has had more than their fare share of one-run losses over the course of the season, but in the long run, that's good. You need to feel a loss if you expect to win.
   And Tuesday's blowout 18-0 win was yet another ingredient into their growth. A strong win where everyone hits and scores and is happy lays that foundation of winning and dominance.
   But before we can jump to conclusions with this team, we'll need to wait until they start turning those one-run losses into one-run wins.
   But this is a very exciting time with the Cowgirls. It's interesting to see them grow as a team and go through the levels of growth. The one-run losses was one level; the 18-0 win was another level. Next? Those one-run wins.
   On the slate this weekend: the equestrian team is currently competing in their final meet before state at the Expo Center in Redmond; boys tennis is at Redmond today; girls tennis is home to Hermiston today; boys golf is at the Bend Country Club today and the girls golf team is at Pendleton Country Club today. On Saturday, Crook County track are at the Prefontaine Coast Invitational in Coos Bay, and the Mitchell track team are at the Sherman Invitational at Sherman High School.
   This weekend is only the greatest rivalry ever -- Sox-Yanks. Prediction: Sox win the first two rather convincingly, lose Sunday's game because they can't score any runs for Dice-K; Dice-K plants one on A-Rod's shoulder and sparks a brawl; and Ramirez hits three homers. Write that down!
   What's sad is that the NBA playoffs start this weekend and I don't think anyone cares. Well, they care, but I don't think it's getting nearly as much coverage as Sox-Yanks, which is technically just another AL East series in April.
   And it shouldn't be like this. But with Lebron phoning in the regular season, Wade dislocating his shoulder, and the majority of NBA talent located in the west (not the east), the new era of the NBA is, well, missing.
   But enough of that NBA talk. Go Sox!