Tuesday, Crook County Middle School received a bomb threat that, in the end, turned out to be a hoax.
   This came as a rather welcome relief, especially one day following Monday's tragic events on the campus at Virginia Tech.
   While our thoughts and prayers go out to those families, friends and relatives surrounding the unthinkable events in Blacksburg, Va., we applaud officials at CCMS for taking the situation seriously and acting appropriately on Tuesday.
   At CCMS, school officials and law enforcement acted swiftly to ensure safety during this time of need.
   Monday's tragic events on the campus at Virginia Tech bring home an all-too-real set of circumstances of what can happen, and what has happened, as the school shootings at Thurston High School in Springfield are now nearly nine years old.
   The Crook County School District has a long-standing relationship with local law enforcement personnel and the police's response to the bomb threat hoax is a sign of a good partnership.
   Additionally, the school district and police department made it known by issuing press releases and letters home to parents of what happened, and kept everyone informed on the events.
   All too often we point the finger of blame when something goes wrong in the world, and yet, when things go right, it goes unnoticed.
   On Tuesday, no explosive devices were found at CCMS. Police and school district officials should be praised for their quick action in preventing what could have been another tragedy.
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