No final decisions have been made in regards to the discussions between PMH and CHC

by: MARK SEVERSON - 447-1133

I am writing this because I am concerned that people may not be getting accurate information regarding the process the hospital and Cascade Healthcare Community (CHC) have entered into. As Chairman of the Pioneer Memorial Hospital Board of Directors, I want you to know that having good information about this process is important, not only to us, but to you, the people we serve and care about.
   In February, the hospital's Board of Directors and representatives for CHC signed a legal document called a Letter of Intent. This letter set forth the proposition that Pioneer Memorial Hospital and Cascade Healthcare Community enter into a partnership to continue providing healthcare services in Crook County.
   The first step along the path which may (or may not) lead to finalizing this new arrangement is the "Due Diligence" phase. This is the phase that both parties are presently engaged in.
   It is where information from both entities is gathered for analysis by each. To aid in the process, the accounting firm of Moss-Adam, Kurt Hansen, who represents the law firm of Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt, and partnership advisor Joe Smith, of Southern Cross Consulting, have been brought on board.
   The information and analysis done during the Due Diligence phase will determine whether and how we go forward with a new arrangement regarding the delivery of healthcare in Crook County.
   This process is not complete, nor is it a sure thing. The current hospital caregiving team, the administrative team and the Board of Directors are continuing business as usual, continuing the excellent quality of healthcare you have all come to depend on.
   Everyone knows that CHC is the parent company which owns the facilities and employs the caregivers at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend and in Redmond. A major difference in any partnership arrangement we might arrive at with CHC for Pioneer Memorial Hospital will be that we, the community, will continue to own the bricks and mortar of our hospital. The hospital's physical plant is ours, and since it is ours, we will always need to keep on top of the need to upgrade the building and its equipment, to remodel and renovate the structure. No matter what may happen with the operational aspects of the hospital, any money our Foundation raises to help buy hospital equipment will stay in our community: it will not be siphoned out of our town to other facilities CHC owns and operates. In short, we will always need the Prineville Hospital Foundation to help us raise the money, large amounts of money, to keep our hospital current with the times.
   One example of the fund-raising events the foundation holds year-round is coming up soon: the Art and Music Gala coming to Meadow Lakes Golf Club and Restaurant at the end of this month. We invite you to come join us and show your support on Saturday, April 28.
   On a personal note, I, and the board of directors, invite you to contact us personally with your questions regarding these or any other matters.
   We care about you; we care about this community; and we care deeply about the necessity of seeing that excellent quality healthcare will always be available right here where we live.
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