In golf on Monday, the Crook County Cowboys took sixth place at The Dalles Country Club with a team score of 339.
   Nick Murrell shot a season-low 83. Mike Chappell led the way for the Cowboys with a 79. AJ McGarvey carded an 87, Eli Johnson shot a 90 and Jordan Danforth shot a 91.
   Today, the softball and baseball teams will host Madras; the boys tennis team will host Mountain View and the girls will be on the road at Mountain View; and the track and field team will host The Dalles Wahtonka at Ward Rhoden Stadium.
   There is truly nothing more exciting to watch on TV than a game seven in the NHL.
   Read that sentence again.
   I watched the Vancouver-Dallas game last night, and even though it ended up 4-1 in favor of the Canucks, it was far better than any other playoff matchup in any other sport.
   Now, I USED to be a hockey fan. I was a big fan of the Boston Bruins until the most recent strike/lockout (who knows!) canceled the season.
   Since the NHL returned, I have not watched much hockey, but last night, I tuned in to watch a game between two teams that I have absolutely no ties to.
   And even though there wasn't much scoring (two of the goals were scored on an empty net), the game was exciting, intense and fast-paced.
   For the record, the best sport to watch in person is hockey. But, for some reason, the only time the excitement of watching a hockey game in person translates through the TV is in a game seven in the playoffs. There is really nothing like it.
   Will I continue to watch the NHL playoffs? Ehh, maybe. The Detroit-San Jose series should be exciting since both teams score at will (I'm a defense kind of guy). But when that series reaches seven, I'm in.
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