by: Vance Tong - Vance W. Tong is the publisher and editor of the Central Oregonian. He can be reached at:

Since December, I've been waiting for this weekend to come.
   It's time for the NFL draft. The time when the season truly begins anew.
   And this year, like every other year, I keep hoping that the word will get to Al Davis, President and Managing General Partner of the Oakland Raiders, that he can seek my advice any ol' time on who they should draft.
   I can see it now, Al tells new head coach Lane Kiffin that before he goes and makes some risky draft-day decision, he should call this guy in Prineville, Oregon, and see what he thinks.
   Of course Kiffin would say, "Who?"
   Hey, c'mon, I'm older than this new coach (he's only 31 years old), so I have a little bit more wisdom than he does. Okay, maybe my wisdom isn't all about football, but it's still pretty good stuff.
   So whether it's JaMarcus Russell or Calvin Johnson, I'll probably be screaming at the television in either event. But I'll be ok by Sunday, because by then I'll be trying to figure out what to say when coach Kiffin calls and says, "So, Vance, where do you think our free-agent needs are?"
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