>County Environmental Health Director Russ Hansen will soon be working out of offices across the street from the courthouse. Workers are just about finished with the new offices for the Crook County Building and Environmental Health Departments. Department employees will make the move across the street to the old video rental store location beginning Thursday. The two departments will be closed until the following Tuesday.
The Crook County Building Department and Environmental Health Department will be closed on Jan. 17 and 18. That is when the two departments will move into new offices across the street from the courthouse.
   In order to keep service uninterrupted during the move, building and electrical inspections will continue to be performed. Anyone needing immediate assistance from the two departments should call, 447-3211 and leave a phone message. Someone will return the calls as soon as possible.
   Business will return to normal when the county offices reopen on Tuesday, Jan. 22, following Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. The new address for both the building and environmental health departments will be 305 NE Third St.
   Customers can expect parking for the new offices to be limited. Customers will be asked to continue to use the parking lot on Second Street, behind the courthouse.
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