Call to rethink the youth camp

To the editor: Recently there was a headline article in the Central Oregonian about the future of our County. Business diversity was sited as a goal by Scott Cooper. If that is so, then why was Outreach Northwest not permitted to open their camp on Mill Creek? Pure hypocrisy and ‘good ole boy’ politics in my opinion. The sign outside of town which reads ‘progressive’ should be changed to ’regressive’ if we were accurate about it. I challenge Scott Cooper to write an editorial in response to my next charge. If Outreach Northwest cannot have their camp, then please act now to close the Mount Bachelor Academy! It is my view that you are in direct violation of federal law in not allowing the Outreach Northwest Camp. If the Academy can be located where it is then certainly consistent policy demands that a religious camp can be located similarly. Both are on ranchland adjacent to public, forested land. Please, Scott Cooper, explain to the public how you can have it both ways. You can’t have it both ways. Close the Academy, or allow the Camp! John Tombleson Prineville