the editor: I am appalled at the local fundraiser for the Crooked River Roundup, the “Expose Yourself to The West” calendar. This fundraiser sadly misses the mark of decency, morality, and excellence. The avenue that the fundraising proponents have chosen is the least respectful and the most degrading among women. Unfortunately, this calendar reflects our little town of Prineville. Shame on you Crooked River Roundup Board for giving this fundraiser endeavor your approval. With your misguided judgement and resulting actions, you have succeeded in contributing to the “depersonalization of women as objects” across the globe. Unfortunately, your negligent approval has given Prineville both local and national attention (the calendar is sold via the web) as a little town that leans toward amorality, a little town that supports and exhibits the degradation of women. Is this positive role modeling for all young women, both locally and nationally? This calendar, which was supposedly “tastefully executed by a local photographer,” is borderline pornography. Just because it might sell in an immoral world does not make it right to sell it. I ask the people of Prineville to “boycott” this calendar. Plainly and your individual disapproval by “not buying it,” and by not giving businesses that sell it your financial support. Fortunately, the Crooked River Roundup is not too far into this thing to pull publication, and pocket their minor losses. That would be advantageous to our community. God gave every girl/woman something marvelous between her’s called her brain. Every girl I’ve ever met has one, some girls use theirs more than others, and some not at all. Bravo to Dhyana Kearly, Central Oregonian writer, for providing such a extensive and well written piece on this fundraiser. Jill B. Bonanno Prineville
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