Derby finalists to compete again on Feb. 24

The first Pine Wood Derby held back in 1953 in Manhattan Beach, California probably looked very much like the derby held a couple of weeks ago by Powell Butte Cub Scouts Pack 53. Fathers or mentors and young boys anxiously huddle over a race track, cheering on their carefully made creations.
   It's the ultimate father/son experience as together they work to create a race car from scratch out of pine, choosing just the right color and racing stripes to help make it go really fast.
   In what was their second annual Pinewood Derby held at Powell Butte School, the double elimination process produced winners in five categories:
   Overall winners
   1st: Jordan Reeher
   2nd: Ryan Schas
   3rd: Tyler Saltmarsh
   Tiger Scout Division
   1st: Tyler Saltmarsh
   2nd: Brandon Umbarger
   3rd: Bryson Martin
   Wolf Scout Division
   1st: Jordan Reeher
   2nd: Tanner McFarlane
   3rd: John Turner
   Bear Scouts Division
   1st: Jeff Robideau
   2nd: Shane Drake
   Webelo Scouts Division
   1st: Ryan Schas
   2nd: Paul Robideau
   3rd: Jeremy Stamper
    The overall winners will advance to the Fremont District Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby races, which includes all of central Oregon Cub Scout packs, which will be held on Feb. 24 at 9 a.m. at the Mountain View Mall in Bend.