>Soaring high in the sky with still more to be added on, the 195-foot cell phone antenna tower approved by the county can be seen for miles
Originally, the proposal called for two 195-foot tall cell antenna towers. One of the two, to be located on private land off Wiley Road, was approved by the county planning commission, the other to be built on a Willoughdale Road site, was first reduced to 150 foot and then to 120 feet and was finally approved at 100 feet.
   The antennas are part of a series needed to bring cellular phone service to the Prineville area, is part of a much larger project. Licensed by the Federal Communication Commission, Spectrasite is the antenna tower company involved with locating nearly two dozen antennas as part of WOW - the Washington Oregon Wireless system.
   The Wiley Road tower seemed to grow above the juniper trees overnight. Once the base foundation was completed, tower sections were ensembled on the ground and then hoisted into place. With only one antenna platform in place, the tower still has other sections to be added. When it is completed, motorists driving along Highway 126 will, while talking on their cell phones, be able to see the tower from many miles down the road.
   Meanwhile, in order to control what some believe will be a series of applications for cell antennas, both the city and county planning commissions are looking into the creation of ordinances to control their proliferation
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