>   After breaking a window on one end of town as a diversion, two men are found burglarizing cars on the other end and take off in one of the dealers new cars ... only to be quickly apprehended

   Two men were caught burglarizing vehicles at a local car lot early Monday morning and after a brief pursuit, were taken into custody.
   Shortly after 1 a.m. Monday, Prineville Police officers interrupted the two men who were in the process of burglarizing vehicles on the Dave Hamilton Chevrolet lot near the Crooked River bridge.
   Lt. Eric Bush said it really started when someone threw a large rock through the window of the Les Schwab Tire Center on the west end of town. "There was no reason for it. Just a rock through the window, designed to get our attention. When something like that happens, we start patrolling through town," Bush said.
   And that patrol caught the two men breaking into cars at the car lot on the other end of town.
   When officers arrived at the lot located at 1020 NW Third Street, the suspects took off in one of the vehicles, a brand new Camaro. The chase took police officers, who had been joined by that time by Crook County Sheriff)s deputies and Oregon State Troopers, on a chase down Second Street.
   Bush said the Camaro turned off Second, down Meadow Lakes Drive. Just past the library parking lot, the driver apparently decided to go 4-wheeling. One of the suspects left the car on foot and the driver headed across the empty field toward the river. Bush said he nearly made it to the other side.
   Both men were captured and taken into custody.
   The big blue balloon tied to the antenna of the car by the dealer was still attached, and Bush said the joke was made that if they get away, "we can just go up on the overlook and track their progress."
   The men were later identified as Tomi James Massey, 19, of Prineville, and Joshua Benjamin Shaw, 27, a Culver resident.
   Massey was remanded to the county jail with bail set at $70,000. The charges against him include two counts of second degree burglary, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, criminal mischief, first degree theft, DUII, attempting to elude a police officer, reckless driving and unlawful entry into a motor vehicle.
   Shaw has been charged with second degree burglary, criminal mischief, attempted unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, attempted theft and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. His bail has been set at $40,000.
   Bush said that most of the stolen property was recovered, although the Camaro is not, he noted, in the same condition it was in before being taken. The two men are scheduled to be arraigned in Circuit Court later this week.
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