<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Sex abuse and theft charges lead last week)s court cases<BR>

A man accused of molesting a very young child is bound over to the grand jury, while a younger man gets 20 days in jail and is told to pay restitution for a Les Schwab pickup he stole and trashed
   Circuit Court Judge Gary Thompson had a lot more to say to the young man accused of stealing a Les Schwab Tire Center vehicle than he did to the man accused of sexually molesting a two-year old child. Possibly the judge felt there is a chance to save the one man.
   Both men, wearing the white pajamas issued to Crook County jail inmates, appeared before the judge during Friday's arraignments. Other than nodding when Judge Thompson asked if his name was spelled correctly on the district attorney's information form, Marty Lane May, 41, simply stood and listened as the legal process was followed.
   May appeared emotionless as the charges against him were read; unlawful sexual penetration in the first degree "of a person under the age of 12 years, to wit: a two-year old child, is a class A felony with a maximum of 20 years in prison and a fine of $300,000," Thompson intoned.
   The second charge, rape in the first degree is also, May was informed, a class A felony. Three counts of first degree sexual abuse also brought against the man and are, Thompson said, class B felonies . Each has a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and $100,000 in fines.
   County District Attorney Gary Williams asked the judge for $500,000 security, pointing out that May has a history of failing to appear. There is a warrant out of Linn County for the accused on that charge, Williams said. The defendant had been arrested on theft charges, posted bail and had left town.
   May's criminal history, Williams went on to say, began in 1981 with a contempt of court charge, DUII charges in 1983 and a drug conviction in California in 1994.
   The accused served a prison sentence on that charge. Later this month, Williams told the court, May is scheduled to stand trial in Jefferson County on various drug charges.
   Without looking up from the papers before him, Thompson set bail at $300,000 and set Feb. 20 as May's next court appearance.
   Judge Thompson took a little longer to discuss the future of 21-year old Casey Lee Auld.
   Auld had been charged with theft when he took a Les Schwab pickup. The vehicle was reported stolen and when it was found a short time later, it had been trashed. Apparently, Auld had been drinking when he stole the vehicle, but the judge didn)t appear to let that mitigate the crime.
   Judge Thompson asked Auld to think about the impact on the largest employer and benefactor of Prineville. "You'd think Prineville would have dried up and blown away when all mills closed down, but it didn't because Les Schwab made a commitment to the community. That company isn't going to go broke because you stole a truck and wrecked it, but you could go broke because of it," Thompson warned sternly.
   Looking at Auld's record and noting a conviction for theft in 1999, Thompson pointed out that he had been given a break at that time. "And you're getting another. But you're running out of breaks. Don't come back here with a third," he warned.
   Auld was sentenced to 60 days in jail. However, under the one-third rule required if the jail is full, Auld will serve only 20 days; one-third of the 60-days. Thompson added 24 months probation, $9,220.65 restitution and court costs.