ric of every imaginable color and pattern pile high in one section of the room. The gentle hum of sewing machines plays like music in the background, punctuated by friendly conversation and the occasional laughter of women intent with their work.
   These are the hallmark impressions of the first installment of a two part quilt-a-thon, sponsored by the Soroptimist's and held at the Prineville Senior Center this last weekend.
   The goal of this group of volunteer seamstresses is to build from scratch at least 80 quilts which will be donated to area service organizations in April.
   About 15 people turned out for the first quilting event. In what quickly became an assembly line of production, volunteers were divided into teams who cut lengths of cloth into manageable sizes, squares and shapes. The colorful pieces were then sewn, layered and tied into soft quilts of a variety of sizes. The end products were everything from cute to jazzy to traditional, and each has its own character and appeal.
   Now in its second year, the annual Quilt-a-thon is the brainchild of Prineville's Stephanie Johnson who saw a need in the community and brought quilters together to make the project work.
   "Quilters just enjoy doing what they do," explained Shirley Jacobs, project co-coordinator. "This is one way they can do something they enjoy and help people out at the same time. Mostly it's just fun."
   The next quilting session will be held on Saturday, March 17 at the Prineville Senior Center. Once again, seamstresses of all levels of experience are invited and welcome to take part in the fun.
   Jacobs indicated that continuing donations of 100 percent cotton fabric, batting and other quilting supplies would be appreciated. "We also take cash donations toward supplies," she added. A potluck will take place at noon, and everyone is invited to bring something to share.
   To sign up or for further information, contact Nancy Willert at 447-4136, ext. 3239 or Shirley Jacobs at 447-4136, ext. 3275.
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